International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research in Science , Society and Culture (IJIRSSC) is a self-supporting journal and does not beneit unding from any institution or organization. Adhering to the open access policies, the journal cannot recieve funding from subscriptions, either, as its content is freely accessible.

Its operation is sustained by the processing fees received from the authors. the processing fee covers the following operations: English language corrections, style adaptation, editing, formating, prooreading, server hosting, article promotion and publishing online as well as printing.

The processing fee is to be paid ater the article has been reviewed and accepted for publication , within 7 days.


Processing Fees

Payment shall be remitted through online bank transfer or demand draft in favour of Dr.Lakhimi Gogoi Payable at Bonda branch.


Bank  Details

Account No. 20292310622

Account Holder : Dr. Lakhimi Gogoi

Bank : State Bank of India , Bonda Branch.

IFSC Code : SBIN00180066


For Indian authors – Rs. 2000/- (For one entire research paper)

For USA/Other Countries authors – USD $25


A maximum of 3 authors can participate in any IJIRSSC paper submission.
Papers will only be published in English. All papers are refereed, and the Editor reserves the right to refuse any manuscript, whether on invitation or otherwise, and to make suggestions and/or modifications before publication.