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Articles from Current Issue

Dr. Sheeraz Akbar

Refractometric Investigation of Complexities in Molecular Interactions for Liquid Mixtures Comprising Cyclohexylmethane and Dimethylbenzene

Refractive index and density have been measured at (293,298,303) K for binary mixtures of Cyclohexylmethane + 1, 2-Dimethylbenzene,+ 1, 3- Dimethylbenzene, + 1, 4-Dimethylbenzene over the whole mole fraction range. From these data the excess molar volume, excess molar refraction and excess refractive index were calculated. These quantities are discussed in terms of intermolecular ...

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Medhavi Saini , Dr. Mamta Arora

Development of the Questionnaire for Academic Performance in Mathematics

Title of the study is “effect of continuous and comprehensive evaluation on the academic performance of the students in the primary schools”. Main objective of the study is to find out the effect of CCE on the academic performance of primary school students in subject of Mathematics and to compare the performance of control group and experimental group at time of pretest and ...

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Dr. Lakhimi Gogoi

Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability and it’s Impact on Human Health in Guwahati City: a GIS Base Approach

Groundwater is one of earth’s most vital renewable and widely distributed resources as well as an important source of water supply throughout the world. The quality of water is a vital concern for human being since it is directly linked with welfare. Groundwater vulnerability assessment is very essential to identify regions where groundwater is suitable for various uses. A study of the ...

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Bhrigu Kumar Nath ,Dr. Dipali Baruah

Problems and Prospects of Spiritual Tourism Development in and around Greater Guwahati

Being a fast growing industry and inexhaustible industry potentials, it has several positive sides like income generation, foreign exchange, employment opportunity. Among the different facets of tourism, spiritual tourism is one of the chief modes for attracting a large numbers of tourists. The state of Assam has numerous temples and other religious institutions. The capital city of Guwahati ...

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Subash Limbu, Nabasmita Bordoloi

Quality of Work Life in Private Degree Colleges of Guwahati: an Analysis from the Perspectives of Teaching Community

Quality of Work Life (QWL) has become a buzzword among the intellectual section of the Society in India. QWL is one of the important elements in any organization. Higher QWL reflects better as well as sustainable working environment. The holistic concept of QWL encompasses all the elements of work and employees’ life. The concept becomes more important in the organization like colleges ...

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Mrs. Namita Devi

Ethnicity and the Role of Congress Government: A Study at the Historical Juncture of 1980 to 2000 A.D.

Ethnic issues and question of ethnicity is a nineteenth century phenomenon. The growth of ethnic consciousness led to self-determination directed by various factors in different parts of the world according to their own historical background. In contemporary Assam,ethnic issues or complexity of ethnic political assertion has been an overwhelming issue in politics. To understand that complexity ...

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Priyanka Borkotoky

Identity Movements in North East India: A Special Reference to the state of Assam.

The North East part of India possesses a distinctive geo-political character mainly due to distinctive location from the main land, diverse geographical framework, ethnic diversities, economic backwardness and uneven level of development. North –East India has been a homeland of various religious, ethnic, linguistic and cultural groups. In this circumstances, various ethnic, linguistic ...

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Ajit Konwar

Women, Society and Patriarchy in 19th Century Assam.

In every society women constitute almost half of its population. Women are and have been central, not marginal, to the making of society and to the building of civilization. Despite their indispensable contribution they were marginalized and dominated throughout the ages by the men in the patriarchal societies. In the same way, the contribution of the Assamese women to the formation of its ...

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Jagamohan Jhankar

An Ethno-Archaeological Study of Traditional Painting art Production of Maharana Community in Middle Mahanadi Valley Region in Odisha.

Indian painting art has a long tradition which is evolved from the time of stone age, when the human being had dwelling in rock shelter, they had practiced the painting work on the wall of rock shelter by the using of locally available colorants raw materials. The evidences of Indian prehistoric rock art painting has found in Bhimvetka, Azamgarh, Pratapgarh, Mirzapur and Vikramkhol, rock ...

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Bhrigu Kumar Nath ,Dr. Prasanta Bhattacharya

Tourism and People -Sanctuary Relationship: A Case Study of Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary of Assam

The ecological condition of today is so critical that if not checked in due time it will be out of control. The different human practices like agriculture, industrial activities have emerged as a prime factor for the destruction of nature and ultimately there lies a situation of ecological imbalances. People inhabiting near the wildlife sanctuary usually have an emotional association with the ...

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Juri Saikia

Religion and Social Change among the Ethnic Communities of Assam.

Every ethnic group of Assam have some individual cultural characteristics. But in the age of globalisation it is impossible to remain within the boundary of own culture. On the other hand the greater Assamese culture is formed by the contributions of all the ethnic communities. Various socio- cultural processes like acculturation, assimilation, progressive absorption, fusion, aryanisation, ...

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Buddhism in Myanmar (Burma) From its Inception up to Early Konbaung Dynasty

Buddhism is one of the world’s religions accepting in the universe today. It is founded by Gotama Buddha over 2, 500 years ago. Buddhism spread out of India after the 3rd century B.C with the help of Emperor Asoka and Ven.Sona and Uttara led the mission to Thaton (then called Suvanna bhumi) in lower Myanmar (then known as Burma) and introduced Buddhism so Buddhism has been flourishing in ...

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Deepsikha Barman

The Kaibartas in Brahmaputra Valley from 1901to1947

Assam came under the British colonial rule in 1826 with the signing of Treaty of Yandaboo between the British and Yandaboo. The political development of 1826 brought many economic changes which ultimately led to many social changes among the different caste of the society of Assam. The Kaibartas is a fishing community in Assam also went through various socio-economic and political changes ...

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Dr. Debjani Halder

“Matrubhoomi: A Nation without Women (2003) to Vyatha (2015): When Polyandry is a Sexual Compulsion in Misogynist Indian Society”

Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 and later amendments consider to ‘monogamy’ as only acceptable form of marriage. Nevertheless in some parts of our country like Himachal, Uttarakhand, Trivankore, Nilgiri, Haryana, Rajasthan, there polyandry marriage system is still being practiced as form of conventional process or due to shortage of brides in marriage markets. While I consider to the ...

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Rimlee Kalita

Marketing Mix Strategies of Handicrafts of Assam: a Study on Problems and Prospects

Handicrafts sector can play a major role in the development of the economy of both developed and the developing countries. It provides employment to a vast segment of craftsperson in rural and semi-urban areas and generates substantial foreign exchange for the country while preserving its cultural heritage. But handicrafts have not received as much attention as they deserve. The performance ...

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Neena Sarma

E-Tourism : Exploring Possibilities for North-East India

The unification of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with tourism have reshaped the entire industry and brought about paradigm changes in terms of its structure and functions. ICT has benefitted both service providers and customers on a common platform. It has improved online presence of destinations through better visibility, accessibility, connectivity and infrastructure. The ...

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Dr. Manash Pratim Goswami

Role of Media in Developing Brand Consciousness among Youth

The word ‘Brand’, believed to be derived from Old Norse word ‘Brandr, denotes several aspects of a product or a company. David Ogilvy, in his book Ogilvy on Advertising, defined brand as tangible sum of product’s attributes such as name, packaging, price, history, reputation and the way it’s advertised. Post 1990s, as an effect of globalization of Indian ...

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Bikram Pegu

The Proposed GST (Goods and Services Tax) and Indian Economy

The GST (GOODS AND SERVICES TAX) is defined as the vast indirect tax structure which is a game changer of the Indian economy. GST is a tax on goods and services with value addition at each stage having comprehensive and continuous chain of set of benefits from the producers/service producers point up to the retailer’s level where only the final consumer would bear the tax. It is really a ...

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Mridul Das

A Glimpse n the Responses to India’s Mass Movement for Independence as Incorporated in the Creative Literature of Rupkonwar

Jyotiprasad Agarwala, a truly multifaceted genius has been considered to be an indispensable source of inspiration and incessant glory in the socio-cultural milieu of Greater Assam. His versatile and voluminous contribution towards the formulation and growth of a new horizon in the modern socio-cultural setting of Assam can never-ever be denied. Similarly his resourceful gifts and endowments ...

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Dr. Saroj Kakati

Fifteen Century’s Social Background of Assam and Sankar Deva’s Bargeet –“Jay Jay Yadava..”

In 1500 century, the sacred religious stream of Vaishnavite   movement flowed all over India and in Assam Sankardev was pioneer.  Sankardev has genius personality in various fields like Literature, Music, Art, Drama, Dance, Social reformation etc, but he got many obstacles to convey his spiritual ideology and perception to the common people’s heart and mind. Contemporary ...

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Bindhy Wasini Pandey, Om Jee Ranjan, Anubha Srivastava and Abhay Shankar Prasad

Water Pollution and Its Impact on Human Health: A Case Study of Allahabad City, Uttar Pradesh

Allahabad is developed in different pockets some of its areas are extremely posh while others are having mixed land use pattern and life style so different areas are facing different type of health issue due to water pollution and environmental degradation. The underdeveloped area is facing the lack of safe drinking water supply. Many health problems and diseases in villages are due to use of ...

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Nabasmita Bordoloi, Dr. Kalyan Mukherjee

A Comparative Study on the CSR Activities of Public and Private Sector Commercial Banks

Corporation is an integral part of the society. Its development and prosperity depends on the various stakeholders of the society. The failure or success is totally depends on the society. These corporate houses receive all the required inputs from the society. Their products or services are too consumed by the society. This creates an ample scope for the corporate houses to think and act for ...

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Madhuchanda Kaushik

Impact of Religion on Gandhi’s Social Thought

Man is a gregarious animal and so the life of an individual is inconceivable apart from a society. The primary aim of human existence according to Mahatma Gandhi is self-realization, and a society to Gandhi should be such as to promote the qualities of human personality to realize its final goal. The present Indian social setup is closely related with the past traditions and movements in the ...

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Jayanta Gogoi

Socio Economic Characteristics of Tai Ahom People in Assam: a Geographical Analysis

The Tai Ahom people are one of the important ethnic tribe of Assam as well as North -East India. They have been living mostly in the upper Assam district viz. Dibrugarh, Lakhimpur, Tinsukia, Jorhat, Golaghat, Dhemaji and also lives in Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh. But their habitats scatter in these parts except a few numbers of villages where they largely inhabited e.g. Patchaku, ...

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Dr. Sanjib Goswami

Indirect Rule and Structural Violence in North East India .

ABSTRACT   : Immigration issues have become a major political issue in North East India, leading to much conflict in last few decades. The issue poses challenges to democracy by affecting demography as well as social, political and cultural-religious set-ups.  Scholars have generally analyzed these conflicts from a binary colonial standpoint. But recent research reveal ...

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Dr. Karabi Goswami

Human Values and Role of Education: M.N.Roy’s perspective .

M. N. Roy’s Radical Humanism is scientific humanism with a radical outlook. Originally his philosophical approach is materialistic which is different from mechanical and dialectical materialism. He considers his materialism as humanist materialism, which can explain all aspect of human existence. Explaining human nature from biological evolution, Roy recognizes three attributes of human ...

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Jagamohan Jahankar

An Ethno-Archaeological Study of Pot Making Techniques of Kumbhara Community in Middle Mahanadi Valley, Odisha Highland .

From last part of 20th century, the middle Mahanadi valley has investigated by various agencies through exploration and excavation.  The archaeological sites like Hikudi, Khameswaripali, Nuagarh, Kumersingha, Bhejidihi, Kurmidihi are excavated. The large amount of potteries has recovered in these archaeological sites of valley provided information of large scale pottery used by prehistoric ...

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Jayanta Gogoi

Problems of Solid Waste Management in Dibrugarh Municipal Area

Dibrugarh is the third largest city (on the basis of population census 2011) in Assam which is famous for its trade & commerce, medical college and higher education in the entire north Eastern region. It is situated in the southern bank of the Brahmaputra River. It extended from 27°05’ to 27°42’ north latitude and 94°33’ to 95 29’ east longitudes. Solid ...

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Mr. Palash Handique, Mrs. Konnaki Konwar

Determinants of Food Security of the Rural Below Poverty Line (BPL) Households of Golaghat District of Assam.

Rural households are faced with the problem of scarcity of resources as well as inadequate supply of food items. Rural Below Poverty Line (BPL) households have faced the problem of achieving adequate food stuffs for their day to day consumption. The present study attempts to estimate the food security status and identify the various socio economic and demographic determinants of food security ...

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Sayeda Fauzia Farmin

Role of Student Community in Indo – China War, 1962 .

“In all history there is no war which was not hatched by the governments alone, independent of the interests of the people, to whom war is always pernicious even when successful.” –Leo Tolstoy Unfortunately the tale of the people is brutally neglected while recounting histories of war. Most of the writings on South Asian history are dominated by elitist history, where ...

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Banasree Devi

Women Empowerment and Gender in Politics- A Step towards Development: With Special Reference to Assam Legislative Assembly.

Both men and women constitute total population of the world . A state will not progress without equal participation of both men and women at the decision making level. India is the largest democracy in the world. Assam is situated at the north eastern part of India. There are many matriarchal tribes live in Assam as well as its neighbouring states. On many occasions like freedom movement, ...

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Chanda Medhi

The Unmet Need for Family Planning In the Developing Countries: Issues and Challenges.

Family planning aims primarily at lowering fertility for the development and welfare of the nation. It also encompasses women’s reproductive and child health. But it is found that the method of contraception remains obscure especially among the women of the developing countries and thereby the proportion of unintended pregnancies is also seemed to be high. Promotion of family planning, ...

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Saroj Gorakh Shinde, Dr. Bal Nagorao Rakshase

Understanding the Family Planning Methods of the Tribal Women Gadhchiroli Maharashtra .

Tribal population in India needs special attention in every health issue, therefore family planning can’t be the exceptional case. Family planning is also important but neglected determinant of reproductive health in a tribal context. Present article aimed to understand the scenario of family planning in the tribal area and highlights how far the concept of family planning dissolved in ...

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Dr. Satyendra Kr. Sarmah

Modern Education and the Bodos of Assam: A Historical Study .

The Bodos are one of the important tribal groups of Assam plains particularly inhabiting in the northern part of the Brahmaputra Valley. They are one of the aboriginal tribal groups of Assam belonging to the Tibeto-Burman linguistic family of the Mongoloid race. The growth of modern education among the Bodos of the Brahmaputra Valley from the middle of the nineteenth century is an important ...

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Champak Deuri

Internet Use among University Students: A Case Study of Bodoland University, Kokrajhar, BTAD, Assam.

The present study is undertaken with a view to know the frequency of internet use, preference of time and purpose of using internet among the Bodoland University students. The sample of the present study is drawn from PG students, M.Phil and Ph. D. scholars. The sample is consisted of 100 students 50 each belong to male and female category. For selection of sample purposive sampling technique ...

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Kangkana Chaudhury

Why Consumers Do Not File Complaints for Grievances- a Study of Tezpur of the Sonitpur District of Assam, India .

The Consumer Protection Bill, 1986 was introduced in order to protect consumers from the evil clutches of profit-hungry businessmen. The present law relating to consumer protection is contained in the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, the Consumer Protection Rules, 1987 and the Consumer Protection Regulations, 2005. The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 is the most progressive statute for consumer ...

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Maya A. Bansode

Right to Education and Exclusion of Scheduled Caste students in Maharashtra, India.

Exclusion of marginalized section is deeply rooted in Indian society for thousands of years.Given historical exclusion of Hindu society, Indian education was limited only for so called upper castes groups. After enormous efforts by social reformers and constitutional provisions the government of India has taken up several schemes and programmes to include the Scheduled Castes (SC) into ...

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Hemanga Jyoti Sarmah

Gravitational Wave, Detection and Challenges: A Review .

The gravitational wave is the time dependent perturbation in the spacetime. The discovery of Gravitational wave by LIGO not only proved the GTR but also opened a new era of astrophysics. It has some advantage over the electromagnetic and sound wave, which is helpful to detect merging of the black hole at very large distances. LIGO-India project will be helpful in prescribing proper location of ...

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Dr. Pallabi Borah

Controlling Women: Reading Gender in Assamese Folk Narratives. - Dr. Pallabi Borah

The conventional depiction of ‘folk’ generally contains a rich symbolism of gender that emerges from our folklore. Various narratives of folklore presents gender roles demarcating social perception of duties, wishes and desires that men and women take on. The cultural space of women is severely cramped under the patriarchal ethos which is reflected is folklore across the world and ...

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Pallab Jyoti Boruah

Socio-Economic Characteristics of Mishing People with Special Reference to Disangmukh Area of Sibsagar District of Assam.

As the name suggests Disangmukh is a place where Mighty Brahmaputra and Disang joining together, the place is also an ultimate destination for tourists to have a close look to the Mishing community people, one of the colourful communities of Assam. The Mishing people are an ethnic tribal group. The Government of Assam with the help of the local people have started celebrating “Disang ...

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Anjan Saikia

Unmasking Resistance and its Plurality in Kiran Desai’s the Inheritance of Loss

Kiran Desai is a significant emerging Indian writer in the postcolonial era who has embarked upon a large number of crucial issues concerning the postcolonial Indian society. Desai won the Booker prize for her outstanding novel The Inheritance of Loss in 2006. Desai has another novel namely The Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard (1998) to her credit.  In her Booker winning novel The ...

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Dr. Khumukcham T. Singh

Women as Voters in Manipur

The State of Manipur has travelled a long way to democracy since the early period of its history. The Maharaja of Manipur had introduced electoral process for the introduction of democratic government in Manipur under the Manipur State Constitution Act, 1947. It was in 1948 that election for the Manipur State Assembly was held. Men and Women were given equal political right for electing the ...

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Rupa Chetry

Human Rights Education for the Children Below Fourteen Years of Age-A Study With Special Reference to Lakhipur Block in Goalpara District of Assam

Human Rights Education declares a commitment to those human rights expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, the UN Covenants, and the United States Bill of Rights. It asserts the responsibility to respect, protect, and promote the rights of all people. The Human Right Education mainly includes- the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; the ...

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Harihar Deka

Gender Discrimination in Indian Perspective

There is a large ambiguity about the nature and status of women in Indian society. There are some sacred texts which give them a loftier status by saying them as mother goddess as Durga, Kali, Chandi etc. Women are envisaged as a symbol of power and they can evoke both fear and reverence. Woman can protect others and in different circumstances they can also wreak vengeance. If pleased, they can ...

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Mr. Gobinda Brahma

Right to Education Act (RTE), 2009 : Accelerating in Baksa District of Assam,India.

The Right to Education Act (RTE) was passed in 2009 which is clearly mentioned in Article 21A of Indian Constitution. It is a holistic education approach of our country by which constitution of India has promised to provide free and compulsory primary education of all children between the age group of 6-14 years. Baksa District is one of the Socio-Economically backward area of Assam where ...

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Mr. Priyanshu Sharma, Dr. Manoj Sain

Goods and Services Taxation - Some Challenges in Governance and E-commerce in Retail Sector

The implementation of GST for the e-commerce company can give them a much needed relief from the recurrent sales tax demands, investigations, and stoppage of goods at the check post. The e-commerce industry in India is still in its infancy, but it has shown a remarkable growth over a period of time and has contributed significantly to the country’s Gross Domestic Product. GST is basically ...

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Miss Niharika Gathiri

Social Evils against Women-The problem of Witch-Hunting in Assam.

Witch hunting is one of the most dangerous superstitions prevailing all over India. Meanwhile from last few years people of Assam have been witnessing some pathetic killings of innocent lives, mostly women, in rural areas by erratic mob under the suspicion of witch practices (practices of ‘daini’). The incidents of witch hunting are an unbearable tragedy for 21st century as it is ...

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Neha Datta, Dr. Supriya Sarkar Datta

Social Evils against Women in India

Sex is a biological term while gender is a social construct. The distinct circles of feminity and masculinity are well instructed to children frpm a tender age, which goeas a long way in paving the future attitude and social behaviour of males with females and vice-versa. Many religious texts prescribes norms to conduct women’s sexuality which is seen to be very vulnerable by the ...

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The Source Criticism on the Origin and Migration of the Rabhas of Assam -Dr. Satyendra Kr. Sarmah

The Rabhas are one of the important scheduled tribe communities of Assam. From the population strength, they occupy the fourth position in Assam plains. They belong to the Mongoloid race. Linguistically they fall under the Bodo sub-group of the Tibeto- Burman family. They are mainly concentrated in the three districts namely, Goalpara, Kamrup and undivided Darrang of Assam and in some parts of ...

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An Ethno-Archaeological Study of Textile Production System Bhulia Community of Subarnapur Region, Odisha Highland -Dr. Jagamohan Jhankar

The weavingoftextilein handloom has a long traditionare seen inthe evidences of corded pottery of Neolithic periodwhich is imprinted by woven texture has found different archaeological sites in the world. Other Evidences have found in decorative motives ofsculptural figure wearing clothes and dresses in architecture are representedtextiles. There are no direct evidences on handloom woven ...

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Handicraft from Water Hyacinth: A Sustainable Source of Livelihood in Assam with Special Reference to Darrang District, Assam,India-Dr. Juthika Barman Choudhury.

The state of Assam has always been well known for its handicraft industries. Being endowed with natural resources, a variety of handicraft items are produced in different regions of the state. In the year 2008, North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Limited (NEDFi), a public sector company introduced the use of water hyacinth plant for making different handicraft products . ...

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Status of Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Practices: a Study on Tea Garden Labourers of Sibsagar District of Assam-Pallab Jyoti Boruah

Water is a basic necessity and an important resource for sustaining life. The decline in water quality endangers the health of humans as well as the ecosystem. People affected by disasters are generally much more susceptible to illness and death from diseases, which are related to a large extent to inadequate sanitation, inadequate water supplies and poor hygiene. Therefore, adequate or clean ...

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Present Legal Provision to Combat Child and Women Labour Problem. - Champak Deuri

Today child labour as well as women labour is a global phenomenon and a harsh reality. Though the magnitude differs, the problem exists not only in under- developed and developing countries, but also in developed countries. More than 10 per cent of the world’s 2.2 billion children are engaged in child labour, the majority of them working in agriculture, often with hazardous chemicals or ...

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Present Primary Education Status of Baksa District in Assam , India -Gobinda Brahma

Primary Education is generally provided after completion of pre-primary education which is the key to success both the secondary and higher education of our country. It starts between the age group of 6-14 years of children, it is clearly mentioned in an article No.45 of Indian contribution. Proposed study area is Baksa district of BTAD (Bodo Territorial Area Districts) of Assam covering an ...

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Urbanisation and Socio-Economic Characteristics of the Surrounding Small Towns of Guwahati City, Assam, India - Dr.Rinku Manta

The present paper comprises social and economic characteristics of the 24 surrounding small towns of Guwahati city. It includes the analysis of sex- ratio, literacy, education and composite Index and other demographic features. It is, therefore, essential to study the impact of these factors so as to accelerate the tempo of urban development in an organised way for the stagnant small urban ...

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Sanitation Facility on the Environmental Condition of Tinsukia Town and Their Related Impact Upon the Health Condition of Street Vendors: a Study on Tinsukia Town - Bornali Adhikari

Urbanization and high increasing population growth is one of the major causes of environmental pollution in today’s world and its proper management has become a major issue of Municipal Corporation. Humans are not the only one affected by improper garbage disposal but it affects the animals too.Related to this aspect the present paper tries to portray about the environmental condition of ...

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Aging Parents and Adult Children: an Empirical Findings and Future Prospects in the Study of Intergenerational Family Relations - Nitish Gogoi

Water is a basic necessity and an important resource for sustaining life. The decline in water quality endangers the health of humans as well as the ecosystem. People affected by disasters are generally much more susceptible to illness and death from diseases, which are related to a large extent to inadequate sanitation, inadequate water supplies and poor hygiene. Therefore, adequate or clean ...

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A Study of Myanmar Buddhist councils - Pon Nyar Nanda

To be suitable conduct and comply with this morality, (3) items therefore, called as “three dignities”. That three dignities called as noble conduct of Buddhist admonition “Sasana Buddhism Virtues”. That mean at the sermonize as soon as established to that three dignities and become to principle truth obtained persons by complete conduct for listen to sermonize and would ...

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Human health: Individual and International Efforts for Better Health of Child Waste Pickers– an Observations and Evaluation in Guwahati City - Dr. Lakhimi Gogoi

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. A health risk assessment is also referred to as a health risk appraisal and health and well-being assessment that is one of the most widely used screening tools in the field of health promotion and is often the first step in multi-component health promotion programs. ...

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The Role of Language in Identity Formation among the Bodos of Assam: A Historical Review -Dr. Satyendra Kr. Sarmah

Bodos are one of the important tribal groups of Brahmaputra Valley. The language spoken by them is the Bodo language belongs to the Tibeto-Burman Language family. Till the emergence of the British in Assam, the language was in a dialect form. The Christian Missionaries had first given it a written shape by using Roman script. From the early eighteenth century, at the initiatives of the newly ...

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Decision Making Pattern of Rural Women in Horticultural Activities - a Study of Kamrup (Rural) and Sivasagar Districts in Assam. - Dr. Pritimoni Gogoi Phukan ,Dr. Manju Dutta Das

ABSTRACT   : Horticulture is one of the fastest growing sectors of agriculture with the growth rate of 5.5 per cent during last two and half decades where women play a significant and crucial role including production, post-harvest operation and value addition. But despite their extensive and active involvement in horticultural activities, they are not considered for decision ...

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Saris, Everyday Life and Self Expression: an Interpretative Analysis . - Anee Bhattacharyya

ABSTRACT   : The art and culture of dressing up is pivotal in any culture or civilization. Clothes are the direct representation of any individual’s physical appearances making it highly visible in the construction of their own social identity in general and gender identity in particular. In the everyday life of individuals clothes become such an important part of their ...

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A Study on the Present Curriculum of Undergraduate Level Under Gauhati University with Special Reference to Semester System . - Dr. Sunil Kumar Das

ABSTRACT   : Among the vital aspects of our consideration in Education, curriculum is undoubtedly of greater importance. Curriculum in education represents the glory and achievements of the past, need and utility of the present and hopes and aspirations of the future. In formal education, a curriculum is the planned interaction of pupils with instructional content, materials, ...

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An Alternative Tourism Forms for Sustainable Development in Assam, North-East of India - Bhaijan Das

ABSTRACT   : This paper aims to present the sustainable development of tourism market in Assam through the alternative forms of tourism. It is about developing new forms of sustainable tourism that integrate local populations and both natural and human environments of host countries. Assam is a state in northeastern India known for its wildlife, archeological sites and tea ...

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Mathematics Anxiety of the Secondary School Students : A Study - Subhalakhi Konwar

ABSTRACT   : Mathematics anxiety plays a very crucial role in the academic achievement of a student. Present study is an attempt to identify the level of mathematics anxiety of the secondary school students. Here, the investigator has adopted descriptive research method and for sample randomly selected 100 students of class IX from 5 purposively chosen secondary schools of ...

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Development of Education System in India from Ancient to Modern Era - Dr. Chetlal Prasad, Mrs. Manju Kumari

ABSTRACT   : The Ancient education system of India is among the developed society of the world. The Indus-valley civilisation is a pioneer of developed world. The history of use of instructional aides and techniques in Indian classroom can be traced back to the time when early tribal authorities systemized bodies of knowledge, and early cultures invented pictographs or sign ...

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Status of Urban Drinking Water : A Study in North Lakhimpur Town, Assam,India - Dr. Rinku Manta

ABSTRACT   : Water is considered as life and we owe a great deal to water for the sustenance of our lives. The importance of water for sustenance of life cannot be overemphasized. Whether it is in use of running water in our homes, rearing cattle and growing crops in our farms, or the increased uses in industry, remain immeasurable. Drinking water is a basic requirement for life ...

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Silsako: a Study in Urban Wetland and its Water Quality in Guwahati City - Ritu Barman

ABSTRACT   : Wetlands are dynamic, highly productive lentic and lotic water bodies with rich biodiversity. Wetlands are among the most important ecosystems of the earth. They are valuable as sources, sinks and transformers of a number of chemical, biological and genetic materials. Wetland are sometimes described as the “kidneys of the landscape” for the functions ...

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The Bard of the Brahmaputra and an Imagined Community - Gitali Saikia

ABSTRACT   : The whole process of the making of Assamese nation is reflected in the songs composed and sung by Bhupen Hazarika. Bhupen Hazarika, who is honoured as the People’s Artist and living legend during his life time, understands the hopes and aspirations of the indigenous groups and communities living in the North-Eastern region of India, and the heterogeneity and ...

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Environmental Laws in Protecting River Tourism in Assam - Jahnavi Bhandari

ABSTRACT   : Environment problem is a global as well as national issue. It is an international issue in the context of marine pollution, nuclear hazards, climate change, ozone depletion and global warming. National issues related to environment are  noise pollution, deforestation, air pollution, water pollution, plastic pollution, soil pollution, solid waste pollution ...

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Applying Gender Lens to Understand International Relations: Underlying Masculinity in Global Politics . - Tanay Choudhury

ABSTRACT   : This paper deals with gender undertones in International Relations. In doing so it deals with the traditional understanding of masculinity and relates it with particular attributes of states . It focuses on how hard power based realpolitik is based on a ‘hegemonic masculine’ institutional base. The paper also looks into the challenges to the masculine ...

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A Comparative Study among Adolescent Boys and Girls of Higher Secondary Level Regarding Some Selected Traits of Personality with Special Reference to Tihu Block of Nalbari District, Assam . - Dr. Sunil Kumar Das

ABSTRACT   : Personality is an unavoidable aspect of human life. It is related to each and every aspect of human behaviour. The identity of an individual in the society is determined by the standard of his personality development to a great extent. Personality is a very comprehensive and dynamic concept. The term personality has been defined in various ways by the psychologists. ...

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Contributions of Banhi Towards Assamese Mass Media . - Dr. Jayanta Pathok

ABSTRACT   : Banhi, published under the editorship of Lakshminath Bezbaroa, opened up newer horizons within the Assamese populace. Banhi was able to lead from the forefront the contemporary socio-cultural as well as literary and journalistic aspects of the Assamese populace of that time. Through Banhi Bezbaroa opened up a new avenue for healthy journalism.Through the ...

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Māyā as View by Mahapurusha Srimanta Śaṅkaradeva . - Mridul Saikia

ABSTRACT   : The concept of Māyā occupies an important place in Mahapurusha Srimanta Śaṅkaradeva’s theology. In the whole corpus of works, Śaṅkaradeva’s views that Māyā is the central power of god or Puruṣa . It is known as Prakṛti. Māyā cannot be separated from God ,it is subordinate to God. Māyā appears from God and gets merged in it . ...

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Gender Discrimination in Access to Social Justice in Guwahati City, India: a Social Geographic Analysis - Dr. Bibeka Nanda Gogoi

ABSTRACT   : In the country like India, where the urban population is increasing so rapidly that the resulting problems, especially in the big metropolises and cities including Guwahati City, are reaching alarming proportion. The prevalence of social justice is very high among the affluent sections of the society. It is also necessary where the violation of constitutional or ...

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Sustainable Business Practices: a way to Employment Generation and promoting sustainable Tourism Business Practices by its Historical Significance in the Sibsagar District - Bhaijan das

ABSTRACT   : Tourism is presently one of the largest, fastest growing and highly organized industries in the world. It is highly complex phenomenon and important activity of great significance. Sustainable tourism is one of the branches of tourism which is experiencing popularity as the demand grows for the tourism that is environmentally sensitive, informative and beneficial for ...

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Workers Morale and Absenteeism : a Sociological Study among the Industrial Workers of Namrup - Dr. Parismita Chetia

ABSTRACT   : This study mainly investigates about the workers problem associated with human relations study. It is also a major concern of workers morale for affectivity of an organization. For industrial productivity there should be relation between workers morale and productivity. In this regard job-satisfaction factors tend to be motivated employees to perform their work which ...

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Joymati Konwari : a Historical Play of Lakshminath Bezbarua - Dr. Snigdha Kataky1, Jahnobi Saikia2

ABSTRACT   : Historical plays in Assamese literature became more popular after the decline of the Mythological period. In Assamese Literature Historical plays are very popular and get important position in Assamese literature. In Jonaki Era of Assamese Literature, Lakshminath Bezbarua is one of the prominent play writers and his historical play Joymati Konwari is one of the ...

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Potentialities of Tourism Sector in Northeast India - Rajlakshmi Das

ABSTRACT   : The North-eastern region of India is indeed an undiscovered paradise in the country. The N.E. region has issues and challenges in front for which it is devoid of the deserved exposure and priority. The contemporary issues prevailing in the region are critical and needs to be focused upon so as to sort out the differences. It is in no way lesser than any other region ...

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A study on Increasing Problem of Road Traffic Congestion and Related Issue in Dibrugarh Town - Jayanta Gogoi

ABSTRACT   : Dibrugarh town situated at the Eastern part of Assam and southern bank of the river Brahmaputra. It is an industrial town surrounded by sprawling tea estates in Assam, northeast India. Road traffic congestion is a problematic condition on the road transport which is slowing down the normal speed of the vehicles, time consuming and vehicular queuing. Like other city ...

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Political Vision of an Artist: A Study on Bhupen Hazarika’s Politics and Ideology - Dhrubajyoti Saikia

ABSTRACT   : Politics and art are often regarded as two separate even autonomous sphere of human life. But the relations and mutual interaction between the two is hard to overlook. Indeed the reciprocal interaction between art and politics gives new impetus to our societal life. It happens because both artist and politician play a leading role in their respective society. Both ...

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Relevance of Gandhism in the Contemporary World - Mrs Niharika Gathiri

ABSTRACT   : The thoughts and ideas of Mahatma Gandhi called Gandhism have spread throughout the world since they were first evolved by the Mahatma Gandhi. Based on the noble and sustainable ideas of love, brotherhood, truth, non-violence and welfare of all, his thoughts along with the path devised by him for realizing them have gained administration and popularity in many parts ...

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Exploring the link of Human Security, Development and Deprivation among the Tea Garden Women Workers and Role of State as agent of Human Security - Ms Silpika Dutta

ABSTRACT   : The meaning of human security is not similar with that of traditional notion  of security. The concept of security can be traced back to the end of cold war. At that time security is understand in term’s of nation’s security. The concept of human security for the first time expressed  in words of Mahbub Ul Haq. “Human Security s not ...

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Hinduism: A Unique Religion - Manika Goswami

ABSTRACT   : Hinduism is the oldest of all the living religions. It has neither any definite date of its origin nor has it any definite founder associated with it. It is called Sanatana Dharma, a religion coming down to people through eternity. An enormous corpus of sacred literature is also associated with Hinduism, but none can claim exclusive authority. The several religious ...

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Buddhist Philosophy and its influence on the Khamtis -Dr. Prafulla Borah .

ABSTRACT   : Religion plays an important role in the socio-cultural life of every individual or group of individuals. Religion is the origin of rites and rituals; meaning the system of faith and worship shapes one’s culture in one way or another. Rites and rituals are most important practices of human culture. They are the expression of manner and type of adjustment ...

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Banking Penetration in Assam- A Case Study of Bongaigaon District - Parijat Dhar1 and Dr. Nissar A. Barua2

ABSTRACT   : Access to safe, easy and affordable credit and other financial services by the poor and vulnerable groups, disadvantaged areas and lagging sectors is recognized as a pre-condition for accelerating growth and reducing income disparities and poverty. In India, it is disheartening to note that after forty four years of social responsibility on the Indian scheduled ...

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Vedantic Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda - Mridul Saikia

ABSTRACT   : Vivekananda was a staunch advaitin as he himself declared that Advaita was the fairest flower of philosophy and religion. At the same time he never said that advaita alone was Vedanta. His philosophy which came to be known as practical Vedanta or NeoVedantaism ,was based on his vast knowledge of Upanishads , Vedas and western philosophy ,his experience of world ...

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Impact of Self Help Groups (SHGS) on Decision Making - Dr. Manoranjan Roy

ABSTRACT   : From time immemorial, in a variety of cultures of different countries, people have organized themselves at the grass root level of find innovative solutions to specific problems. Organizing at the local level is a form of collective advocacy on behalf of a shared cause or direction action in the service of achieving a collective goal. As Baltiwala (1994) stated ...

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A Study on the Environmental Awareness and Practices among College Students with Special Reference to Kaliabor Sub-Division Area - Dharmajeet Borah

ABSTRACT   : Environment is our surrounding that includes living and non-living things around us. In broad sense, environment consists of the sum total of the stimulation that the individual receives from conception until death. It covers all those circumstances which assert their influence on the individual since conception to death. Whatever found around the individualmay be ...

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Wildlife Hunting and trapping practices of the Wancho Community of Arunachal Pradesh - Mrs. Mudang Reena .

The tribe inhabiting the Longding district of Arunachal Pradesh is known as “Wancho” .   Wildlife hunting is an age old practice of the “Wanchos “.  Wancho tribes have been hunting wildlife for many generations. Hunting is a traditional way of life of wanchos though hunting and trapping practice find its way in the life of many tribal communities of ...

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Feminism and its Impact on Women in the Modern Society -Miss Rumi Kaman.

ABSTRACT   : Woman passed through many problems, obstacles and barriers to become an important member in the society .In the   Past , woman did not have any kind of rights ,she was isolated ,neglected and mistreated by man. By the coming of Feminism ,the  profile and the image women have  changed completely and form being a poppet in the hands of man  ...

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The Role of Social Work in Mental Health in a Variable Multicultural Environment - Dr.R. Seenivasan

ABSTRACT   : Over the recent decades the increasing number of migration flows has exerted and continues to exert great pressure on the health system and on the welfare structures of Greece. The bases for the development of a rudimentary reception and integration system that still is in progress have long been delayed, while there has been no happy medium, between the enormous ...

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Challenges of Mass Media in Disseminating Information to Persons with Disabilities in Assam -Kishor Mohan Bhattacharyya

ABSTRACT   : Mass media is mirror of a society for reflecting education, information and entertainment. Challenges of mass media are changing in this mechanical world. Nowadays challenges of mass media refer to political setup, social needs, economic limitation and identity of social elements. Objectives of this paper are to studystatus of mass media regarding disseminating ...

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Surendra Sai and Resistance Movement in Western Odishha - Dr.Saroja Kumar Panda.

               The resistance movement led by surendra sai of sambalpur against british imperialism is a landmark in the history of freedom struggle of odisha. Surendra  sai popularly known as surendra, was born in the chauhan family of Rajpur Khinda 1 . He is  remembered for his courage in resisting the ...

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